Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few things...

First of all... I cut my hair! I know your probably thinking big deal but this time it was a big deal because its the shortest its ever been! I'm talkin no pony tail short! But it is so cute, w swoop bangs. It shows off my natural color too, I didnt know how pretty my hair color was until now. Today i flipped it out and yesterday i wore it natural so it was wavy and with a head band, so much fun! Its funny to see ppls reactions to it cause they dont expect it, first they are like... Oh I love it, then they say... "oh but your hair is gone." But the guys seem to like it, I've gotten so much attention since I cut it, Which I find strange because I thought that guys liked long hair on girls... hmmm.

So the next thing is that yesterday I had a strange day. I was just getting things done, like buying food and stuff. But when I went to the store there was this one older lady who kept getting in my way!! I was getting so annoyed! When I was getting a grocery card.. there she was, when i was trying to get vegies... there she was! When i went to check out, there she was! And then the kicker was when i was in my car and trying to watch traffic to make a left hand turn, who should pull up next to me blocking my view... There she was!!! Crazy!! AHHH get out of my way lady!! LOL

Ok so what else... Oh so the other day I got called into work, suck right! But then this boy came in & I was helping him and he had to decide if he was going to be able to be seen because his copay was kinda high for a poor college student. Well i worked out something for him and he was thankful. The next conversation was so smooth on his part... he says" I guess it was my lucky day that you got called into work, i would love to take you out to dinner so that i could thank you. Can I have your number so that I would do that?" Haha how could i resist! He was such a cutie & not in for anything crazy like std testing... haha

Ok so last of all...
Last night I went dancing, west coast swing! yeah i realise that I'm not that good... But I'll keep doing it till I am thats all. I think that I jsut need to practice more. But I love just messing around so much that its hard to be serious when i dance. I think that I could try to have a little self controll and not need all the attention cause i am way too flirty for my own good. Half the time I dont even realize that I am being that way though. But last night I was being way too flirty w a guy and then i saw his wedding ring.. uh oh!! That put an end to that as our conversation got akward... Luckily my friend asked me to dance I pulled me out of it, yeah for vijay! LOL

Anyway thats about it for now. I'm sure I'll have more stuff later.

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