Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few things...

First of all... I cut my hair! I know your probably thinking big deal but this time it was a big deal because its the shortest its ever been! I'm talkin no pony tail short! But it is so cute, w swoop bangs. It shows off my natural color too, I didnt know how pretty my hair color was until now. Today i flipped it out and yesterday i wore it natural so it was wavy and with a head band, so much fun! Its funny to see ppls reactions to it cause they dont expect it, first they are like... Oh I love it, then they say... "oh but your hair is gone." But the guys seem to like it, I've gotten so much attention since I cut it, Which I find strange because I thought that guys liked long hair on girls... hmmm.

So the next thing is that yesterday I had a strange day. I was just getting things done, like buying food and stuff. But when I went to the store there was this one older lady who kept getting in my way!! I was getting so annoyed! When I was getting a grocery card.. there she was, when i was trying to get vegies... there she was! When i went to check out, there she was! And then the kicker was when i was in my car and trying to watch traffic to make a left hand turn, who should pull up next to me blocking my view... There she was!!! Crazy!! AHHH get out of my way lady!! LOL

Ok so what else... Oh so the other day I got called into work, suck right! But then this boy came in & I was helping him and he had to decide if he was going to be able to be seen because his copay was kinda high for a poor college student. Well i worked out something for him and he was thankful. The next conversation was so smooth on his part... he says" I guess it was my lucky day that you got called into work, i would love to take you out to dinner so that i could thank you. Can I have your number so that I would do that?" Haha how could i resist! He was such a cutie & not in for anything crazy like std testing... haha

Ok so last of all...
Last night I went dancing, west coast swing! yeah i realise that I'm not that good... But I'll keep doing it till I am thats all. I think that I jsut need to practice more. But I love just messing around so much that its hard to be serious when i dance. I think that I could try to have a little self controll and not need all the attention cause i am way too flirty for my own good. Half the time I dont even realize that I am being that way though. But last night I was being way too flirty w a guy and then i saw his wedding ring.. uh oh!! That put an end to that as our conversation got akward... Luckily my friend asked me to dance I pulled me out of it, yeah for vijay! LOL

Anyway thats about it for now. I'm sure I'll have more stuff later.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A crazy little thing..

I went dancing on sturday night... It was fun.... two guys tried to kiss me in the same night... it was crazy cause that has never happened to me before... I laughed at them :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

making my own fun

So I've decided that making my own fun isn't as difficult as i thought it was. Normally I go somewhere and if the scene sucks or there isn't anyone there i dont have very much fun. But lately I have been having so much fun no matter where I go! I've just let go of everything that normally holds me back and just did my own thing regardless of what ppl around me are doing. It is the greatest feeling to be able to look back and know that I had fun because I wanted to so I did.
Some examples:
I went to a church latin dance in Mesa, I used to go to them all the time and I knew that the excitement level is always a toss up. I've been to ones where there are so many ppl you barely find room to move, but tonight was not like this. There was no one there!! What happened, everyone must have decided to stay home or something. I was a little embarassed because I brought a friend and promised him fun. But it ended up that I didnt even dance with my friend very much because I kept getting swept away by guys who were excited to see me after so long. Also the music sucked, but oh well, i still danced.
Aimee also came with us, but got tired of it fast and went and sat in her car. So after the dance was over we wanted to go swimming. Well aimee wanted to go swimming so I just decided to jsut go and see what happened. So we got our suits on and everything but when we got to where we were going to swim, the pool was closed for remodeling!! What a bummer! But alas i was having my own fun because all I wanted to do was sing songs to myself and I was happy. So we sat by a little pond and looked at the sky. It was so nice, i could have stayed there all night. The offer to was made but Aimee would never go for leaving me there alone with him.

So then the next day:
Last night was so much fun! I went to my wards pool party and I actually swam! Being in a bathing suit in front of ppl always makes me nervous but it was worse that it wasnt my normal bathing suit but a make shift one cause I left mine in a bag, wet, in the hot car for a long time and it didnt smell too good... I think I'm going to color safe bleach it. So I put on an old suit top with my bra on underneath and some shorts and thats what I swam in. Oh and I forgot my towel, I had two towels all ready to go and walked out with out them, only me right!
Ppl were having all kinds of fun. They were jumping around and splashing and I was smiling and happy. The only thing that I didnt like was how boys would dunk you under even when you seriously aere telling them that you dont want them to! Listen up boys... THAT IS NOT FLIRTING IT IS JUST ANNOYING!!!! but other than that I made many new friends out of the ppl that I already was aquanted with. I am sad that I didnt get to attend church today so that I can continue to build relationships with ppl in my ward. I am so excited to become more active and known. I am like the person that everyone has heard of or seen at some point but never met officially. Well hopefully that will change.
Well I cant wait to see what fun i will have next. And remember that fun is what you make it!!

Oh one more thing... For the party I made the most delicious cookies with my waffle maker! They were chocolate waffle cookies! YUM YUM

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hotel Califonia...

I just got back from visiting good ol' california... well Victorville at least. And this trip was to pay one last visit to my hotel california ( aka Melanie and Shane's house) They are moving so there will be no more quick trips to cali to play with my girls!
Oh those girls, dey are so cute and I love dem(meant to be said in a french accent, give it a try)
Abby is now 3 and has such an imagination. This trip she made up a pet creature that she calls a "rine", it is orange with 15 legs and eats plumbers... What!!! Crazy girl. We also played a game in which aunt Kellee became a goose and we fed her bread. I will be posting that video as soon as I figure out how. It is good black-mail, on Kellee's part. Shannon is a little 22 month old goof ball!!! She copies everything that Abby does and is a little wild woman! She is always laughing at something. I'm gunna miss them, its hard to leave now that they are at the age where they trust us and don't run away cause they think that we are strangers.
It broke my heart when we went to leave because you could tell that Abby was really sad that we were leaving and didn't even want to acknowledge it, we would say "bye Abby" and she would look at us and then ask if we wanted to play my little ponies with her... I cant wait for christmas to come so that I can see them again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello there!

my name is Robyn. If your here I'm sure that you already know that! But if you don't know me... let me start by sharing a little bit about me.

Right now I am sitting at my desk at work. I work at an Urgent Care office, East Valley Urgent Care to be exact. It is a slow summer day so I have lots of time to just chill and find random things to entertain myself with... such as starting a blog page.
I live in Arizona, Gilbert is the town but I don't spend very much time at home these days. The world has become to exciting to just sit at home and let it pass by me. So i go out and do things... Dance, go to movies, church activities,finding new music, dancing, dancing and did I mention going out to eat at new places! Haha did you expect me to say dancing again... :)
I am 23 years old, but for only a few more months & then I will be 24... holy cow how did that happen... How am i so old already?!

I should mention something before I go on. I am keeping this blog mostly for me, as something therapeutic to just get my thoughts out of my head, so things might start to get a little random.

So now that I have put up that disclaimer I will continue.

I love going to new restaurants and trying new cuisine. I have gotten quite bold with what I will try, well at least for myself. Like the other night a friend took me to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant & I had moussaka(very yummy.. kinda reminded me of chili cheese fry lasagna) we also had a dip that was made out of caviar. Weird, Fish Yuck!! But I loved it! I also love Indian food now, tika masala is one of my favs and naan bread. lately I have had many fun food adventures, mainly due to a recent new friendship. We went to the #1 pizza place in the USA called pizzaria bianco. It was so good! And so worth the 2 1/2 hour wait time. But my ultimate favorite place to go is called the melting pot. Its one of those places that I will never say no to being taken out to, but i dont know of any guy who will drop that much on a casual date. So its deffinatly for specail occasions.

Well enough about food for now. I can talk about that later and probably will devote a whole post to it soon.

So i have three sisters. One older and two younger. my oldest sister is married and has two adorable little girls. They are the light of our family, we love them soo much! My sister Kellee lives here in Az also and sandy is doing her thing in california. I love my family. I didnt always know how much I loved them untill i was no longer with them all of the time. I think that we have a good family bond, we are pretty willing to be there for each other. Our family has had a pretty rough year but i think that we are all better for it in the end.

So I am starting school again in about a month. Its a little scary but I'm more excited! I can't believe I'm finally going to do it. I knew that I always wanted to go to school but I didnt have a real solid carrier goal. Now that I do i have a brighter hope of finishing. I am going to go into the field of psycology. It has become to intersting to me as I have needed to apply some of its areas in my own life. And I cant wait to help people over come just as I have. I have something special that others may not to use in relating to the group of people that I want to help. And I can't wait to get started!

Well thats it for now! I will be adding many more exciting reandom thoughts so you will never know what I'll say. Just stay tuned!!