Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hotel Califonia...

I just got back from visiting good ol' california... well Victorville at least. And this trip was to pay one last visit to my hotel california ( aka Melanie and Shane's house) They are moving so there will be no more quick trips to cali to play with my girls!
Oh those girls, dey are so cute and I love dem(meant to be said in a french accent, give it a try)
Abby is now 3 and has such an imagination. This trip she made up a pet creature that she calls a "rine", it is orange with 15 legs and eats plumbers... What!!! Crazy girl. We also played a game in which aunt Kellee became a goose and we fed her bread. I will be posting that video as soon as I figure out how. It is good black-mail, on Kellee's part. Shannon is a little 22 month old goof ball!!! She copies everything that Abby does and is a little wild woman! She is always laughing at something. I'm gunna miss them, its hard to leave now that they are at the age where they trust us and don't run away cause they think that we are strangers.
It broke my heart when we went to leave because you could tell that Abby was really sad that we were leaving and didn't even want to acknowledge it, we would say "bye Abby" and she would look at us and then ask if we wanted to play my little ponies with her... I cant wait for christmas to come so that I can see them again.

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